Our in-house Retreat Specialists field calls, emails and texts from curious attendees wanting to discover the power of the perfect retreat week at Imiloa. 

It takes a village to host a transformational retreat or workshop training that resonates so beautifully with your guests they say things like;

“Imiloa holds true magic, an inspiration for the globe in communal living, mind expansion, and development of the spirit.”

“I felt extremely well taken care of, which was especially comforting given the emotional intensity of our retreat and the fact that we were deep in a jungle.”

” Imiloa is one of a kind, I fell in love with the entire staff. India, Co-founder and SVP Operations, is incredible and holds a needed and beautiful container of groundedness.”

Imiloa’s revolutionary “Heads in Beds” marketing solution, included for every retreat client, includes our soft-touch, high-class “Retreat Specialist” experience. We have trained a small team to be fully focused on the transformation you’re seeking and matching you with opportunities to fulfill your wildest desires.

Very simply: We believe that clarity leads to serenity. By having someone with you – the guest – on your journey, allows you to fully absorb what you’re wanting most of the experience: transformation.

Our Retreat Specialists are trained to walk with you on your path – focused on attraction not promotion – learning about your life and circumstances and, if you don’t already know which retreat or teacher you want to learn from, ensuring you get the very best match.

We believe in the Transformation Triangle: Retreat Center, Client and Participant. The perfect triangle can transform the world. Imiloa is the connective-tissue in this Transformation Triangle. Our unparalleled support, rooted in a spirit of service, built on authenticity and activated with precision is transforming the world of retreats and contributing massively to our growing global Imiloa Family.

The Experience

As a Guest:


  • Visit our Retreats Calendar page, and find the retreat that’s perfect for you.
  • If you don’t know, browse, and inquire
  • Or, if you want to talk with a Retreat Specialist before, simply email impact@checkout.imiloainstitute.com (someone will respond within 24 business hours)
  • Enjoy the personalized touch, learn about payment plans and outcomes and possibilities, about Imiloa and Costa Rica. Feel held in your discovery.
  • Book, and your Retreat Specialist is available to you as you’re getting prepared. Also, the retreat host will be notified of your booking and you’ll enjoy the unfolding process all the way to takeoff.
  • Remember, your “retreat” begins the day you say “YES.” 

As a retreat client:


  • Rest assured that clients, new and old, will be provided unparalleled service by our Retreat Specialists. 
  • Any questions that come up about your event will be fielded accordingly and answered fast.
  • Expect to open up your work to a whole new audience, both digitally and in person.
  • Due to Imiloa’s deliberate choices of its hosts and transformational teachers, often no two retreats are the same, and our audience has come to trust our curation and ask us for our suggestions. We feel comfortable in aligning with their needs while also supporting your goals, which often include greatest impact possible. 
  • Because we’re taking care of everything with this high-class offering, you’re able to focus on what you care most about: content & curriculum and clients & attendees. YES!

We get you.

Our team understand that if you’re successful as a retreat host — or transformed as a treasured participant, you’ll re-book here, or elsewhere – and all that matters to us is that the work, and the ripple effect continue into the communities you call home. 

In a world that is rapidly transforming, so too is how humans are accessing information and getting educated. Imiloa wants to make innovative education accessible to all humans the best we can. Retreat Specialists care about the integrity of the offering and the journey of the participant. 

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